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Custom Claro Walnut Long Tom Stock, Part II

November 17, 2011

Because this is my first shotgun stock, some of the tasks required have posed special challenges. Y’know, like drilling a 1/4″ hole through the length of the stock and 1/2″ wide square mortise to cut with chisels. My friend Andy Wentzel helped me with doing the takedown screw hole, as I could use equipment in his family’s shop to do the drilling and set stuff up with him.

I said a prayer before plunging the drill bit into the stock for the first hole, and with the help of a vise and a miracle the holes were aligned. Perfectly. One mistake and that could have made me lose sleep (’cause it would have been bad). Now I’m working the tang of the receiver into the stock with some sharp chisels and a couple rasps/chisels. It’s a tight fit.

The Pachmayr Decelerator buttpad and a grip cap I polished and blued are installed. I still have more shaping to do in the butt, however I’ve been waiting on the inletting before I finish the grip and can work on slimming the butt towards the grip and shaping in the flutes.

I’m going to install a couple long, stout pins in the butt to strengthen the grain. The wood is hard but I don’t want it to break, no matter what.


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  1. Daddio permalink
    November 23, 2011 1:36 pm

    I think it’s going to look very nice when done. DO you plan any checkering?

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