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Maple, Cherry and Carbon Fiber 10/22 Benchrest Stocks, pt II

April 21, 2011

I switched up the thread title to keep an old post going, but I’ve made some notable progress on these.

The first photo shows how quickly a blocky blank that looks like a 2×4 with a keel can turn into something that looks like a benchrest stock in a hurry, but that’s just after doing some routing and profiling. I personally don’t mind inletting via drill pressing with forstner bits and cleaning up with chisels (this is the time for the sharpest blades you can get your hands on), and with these blanks I’ll get the receiver fitted to the barrel channel and centered with my test receiver before locating the receiver screw, simply because with this inletting method I can see the inletting being a challenge with the precise location for the takedown screw already in place. Bottom line, I need to remove a lot of material because the bedding will be experimented with so there needs to be ample room for either epoxy or air to influence the bedding. It’s convenient to drill press the inletting in as long as I’m sure I’m cutting perpendicular to the bearing surfaces of the blank, which I know are in alignment and precisely milled flat.

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